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我々の「数字ゲーム」(Attack Numbers)及び「シューティング視力検査・視力回復・視能訓練アプリ」(STG Eye Test&Training)」では、個人を識別できない形で利用者の情報を取得することがあります。  






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User information to be acquired

In our application (Attack Numbers) and (STG Eye Test&Training), we may acquire the information of the user in a form that can not be identified.

Purpose of use

· Improvement and development etc. of our application

· Analysis of our application usage

· To use for marketing

· For advertisement display or advertisement

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· For the purpose attached to the above purpose of use

There is no disclosure of personal information to a third party. 

We obtain user information only in a form that can not identify individuals. We do not disclose personal information to third parties.

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